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Creating paper puppets, pop up cards and custom paper toy novelties.
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“A Crankbunny is very magical type of fish - an aquatic being that inhabits particular waters only found in a handful locations in the world. This type of fish only responds to subtle movement, delicious odors, creative bursts of freedom, and copious amounts of slumbering sleep.”

ABOUT THE ARTIST - CRANKBUNNY NORMA V. TORAYA designs and makes hand crafted pop up cards, paper dolls, paper puppets and interactive paper toys. Some things in life are slick, hip, polished and blatantly obvious. But for Norma V. Toraya, who’s known as Crankbunny, these are exactly the things she shies away from. Instead, Crankbunny is more inclined to explore storytelling through curiosity and timeless concepts while working as an animation director and paper artist. Crankbunny pop up cards, paper dolls, paper puppets and paper toys are available for purchase online and through Etsy. These unique whimsical paper craft art goods are sold home decoration, art objects and as paper crafted gifts. Each pop up cardis unique and paper engineered by Crankbunny. Custom paper dolls and pop up cards can be comissioned. Contact Crankbunny for more information. Located in NYC, Miami and Altanta. Handmade in the USA.